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Скроз нови профили 20. април 2021.

love is beautiful.

Године 40 из Fairburn, Georgia На мрежи Пре више од 2 недеља
Жена тражи Мушкарца

I'm looking for a good man who will love and accept me for who I am,someone who want to spend the rest of his life with me but I would like to start off as friends and get to know more about each other. I want a laid back kinda guy,one who respect...

I am looking for someone special

Године 55 из Houston, Texas На мрежи пре недељу дана
Жена тражи Мушкарца

I am looking for someone, with whom I can relax and cuddle up with. Someone who will make my heart skip a beat for years to come. I want someone to talk to and share good and bad moments of our common life. I have no special priority about the type...

Hellow lady I'm ready for you

Године 55 из Fort McCoy, Florida На мрежи Пре више од 2 недеља
Жена тражи Жену

Funny guy need a date is there any women in here for me

I am sociable and kind. I will be happy

Године 35 из Ann Arbor, Michigan На мрежи Пре више од 2 недеља
Жена тражи Мушкарца

I just want to be happy and have a family. I studied, worked, I have a good income for my work, but I understand every day more and more that I would gladly exchange all my well-being for hugs and a sincere smile of my husband. I am looking for a...

I'm just who I am

Године 51 из Portsmouth, Ohio На мрежи пре 2 дан(а)
Жена тражи Жену

Dont know what im really looking for honestly...i believe at this point of my life im just trying to be a "go with the flow" kind of woman and maybe just have a lil fun and explore some fantasies????


Године 35 из Hartford, Connecticut На мрежи Пре више од 2 недеља
Жена тражи Мушкарца

Кликните ОВДЕ да попуните !

Discreet, sexy and submissive

Године 35 из Roanoke, Virginia На мрежи Пре више од 2 недеља
Жена тражи Мушкарца

I'm just looking for a very discreet toy to play with when I get neglected at home. I'll try anything once and I am submissive

Just checking this out

Године 45 из Hackensack, Minnesota На мрежи Пре више од 2 недеља
Жена тражи Мушкарца

Open minded, trustworthy, kind hearted, good communication, love the outdoors, like to stay busy

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